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Our Hayward Handyman Company Takes Your Questions

Our Hayward handyman company does custom buildsIf you ever have any questions for your handyman, don't be afraid to ask. We're just as much about customer service as we are about fixing, trimming, and upgrading every inch of your home, which means that we're always available to help you make sense of your needs and our abilities. We want your next home service project to go off without a hitch, which is why we work hard to make sure that everyone is on the same page, before the first nail gets driven, the first brush gets stroked, or the first socket gets turned.

Can your company provide references for past projects?

Yes. We have several highly satisfied customers in the area who simply rave about our level of quality service. We provide a list of contact information with a description of the type of home project on request. We are more than happy to provide the information that you need to feel comfortable hiring our Hayward handyman company.

Do you provide all the materials or should I go to the hardware store?

Yes, we provide all materials needed for repairs and quick fixes and we simply add the cost of parts to the invoice. Whenever possible, we like to understand all the ins and outs of each and every job, so we can be sure that we bring all the parts we'll need the first time. Of course, if you have existing parts and hardware, like a specific sink you want installed or a can of paint you keep around for touch-ups, we're happy to use those, too.

Do you work weekends?

Yes! We not only offer late night service for emergencies, but we can also provide services on weekends to those who are unable to meet with us during their busy work week. We couldn't call ourselves handymen without providing the most convenient, efficient home repair services possible, because then we just wouldn't be handy.

Are your Hayward handymen trustworthy?

Yes. All of our handymen are required to pass a background check, and we are always careful to only hire people who can represent the whole company. We have never had any complaints of theft in our customers' homes or offices and we plan on keeping it that way.